Real work begins, but it’s the weekend

Website Users 33;
Going Right; It’s Saturday, officially don’t have to work.
Going Wrong; Badly Scheduled tweets in hootsuite for weekend when no-one would read them.
Comment; So-called ‘last minute’ rescheduling actually took 3 hours.

I offered this blog to the Financial Times.

Of course, I didn’t expect them to pay me for the privilege of featuring it, but there is a minute possibility that they would have hedged their bets on something that just might go viral. Just so you can annoy her by offering your equally excellent blogs, the FT Blog editor’s name is Sarah Laitner. She didn’t reply to 3 rather nice emails and one snide one (but if this blog makes it big at least I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing it’ll be like those fools who refused J.K. Rowling’s books).

This site – – used to hold the pilot site for Investment Impact my online consultancy. My web designer and I set it up in April 2011 after it became clear that the guy we had entrusted with the Drupal site development had walked out on us.

‘I’ll design you a holding page in WordPress” my web designer said. ‘At least you’ll have something to show round while we try and find another developer.’

Me. ‘Will it have a shop? Will I be able to showcase any of the spreadsheets and white papers?’

Him. ‘Well that’s nothing like a holding page, but I’ll look into the plugins and we’ll try to get it as close as possible to the real thing.’

Of course it was nothing like the real thing. But for a time, I loved it. Because it was a big fat SOMETHING which was far better than NOTHING. And somehow, somewhere I convinced myself that doing a pilot was a wonderful thing because I could introduce the concept to the masses.

Until I found out that doing any website is almost a permanent pilot because of continuous user feedback. They call it agile development, and it never ends.

The best thing about doing the WordPress pilot was that I could practice my copy-writing… again, and again, and again. Especially when a first reviewer commented on my first copy:

‘All you’ve said is – “We are an amorphous collective of clever dicks and we sell ‘some things’ that you may never understand. We also like games and think we are cool and funny.”

It hurt. Because it was true (even if I was too annoyed to look up amorphous).

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