Counting on others in Business

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Someone wrote to me and told me this blog had a brilliant conversational style
Felt chuffed until they said that the actual site wasn’t as good.
Maybe I should change professions.

This post could be really short. Just one word really.


Yes, alright – two words, but abbreviated. It’s a terrible lesson to learn because I truly want to believe in human nature. And not a lesson that despite all my pontificating about the work-life balance being a matter of perception I carry over to my personal life (Oh, I haven’t pontificated about that yet? Don’t worry I will). You see with those I love and like OUTSIDE of business I am a firm believer in Kismet, the Law of Attraction and the miracles of the Universe.

In plain English, put your faith in others and you will be rewarded. Believe that they are untrustworthy, and it will be so. Amen.

But in business, somewhere, somehow, things have become terribly skewed. Self interest and politics get in the way of generosity of spirit and honoring of one’s word (especially if that word is verbal). So when my web development team got back to me today on my query as to whether the next stage of work was imminent, I was furious but not unduly surprised to hear:

“The production schedule is very busy for August I’m afraid, so we would be looking to start in late August or early September at the earliest, but otherwise at a time to suit you.”

The time that suited me of course being the beginning of August as we had said in our conversation at the beginning of July. A month is a long time in the internet business.

Don’t get me wrong – in many ways they are very good. They have worked hard on the website – but its no favor, they have been well paid for it. Do you remember when I said you should not be offended by swearing? Oh you do. Good.


The next stage of web development kicks off the gaming system in Investment Impact and is – as I see it, key to the entire success of the business. I feel royally screwed, but its my own fault for not recording the damn conversation. Otherwise they would have had to stick to their side of the deal.

So do yourself a favor and remember, the people you do business with ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. Take insurance, cover your ass and always, always, plan for delays. Because they will happen. And if on top of that you are to suffer a heart attack from the stress, well that wouldn’t be very pleasant, would it?

Short List of Tools to cover your ass:

1. Skype/phone Voice recorder. Those gits at Microsoft have now made you pay for skype plug-ins but believe me its worth it. (See how the universe reminded me of this the minute I stopped paying for plug ins).

2. Don’t forget email…bcc/cc field…cc can be used strategically to ensure all parties know they are being screened or evilly, to pull a trump out of your hat

3. A blog like this one to expose – and reward – your network. Oh how poetic.

Be afraid….